The 8 Best Wide Dog Collars of 2024

Any dog owner would know that buying a collar is an important purchase not just for style, but also function. Though standard collars are suitable for most dogs, wide collars over 1 inch offer a host of benefits that can improve the comfort and safety of your pup, while making your life easier in the process.

There are many options on the market, so we at PetListed sifted through hundreds of collars and thousands of verified reviews to pick the 8 best wide dog collars. Here’s our list:

Our Picks for the Best Wide Dog Collars

1. Riparo Leather Padded Heavy Duty K-9 Collar

riparo leather dog collar


The Riparo Heavy Duty K-9 Collar is a durable wide leather collar that comes in a multitude of color and size options. It’s made from full grain Aniline leather on the exterior, and soft padded sheepskin on the interior.

Key Details:

  • Wide dog collar made with full grain leather
  • Naturally tanned without the use of harsh chemicals or dyes
  • Made with a sheepskin padded interior for comfort
  • Available in 1.75” and 2” widths


  • One of the few wide collars suitable for any size dog
  • Comes in 9 leather color combinations, and 5 sizes
  • D-ring and pet ID ring are made of surgical grade stainless steel
  • Options to fit neck sizes from 11” up to 29”


  • Leather requires a little bit of time to “break in”

2. OneTigris Nylon Military Dog Collar

green wide dog collar


The OneTigris Dog Collar is a military style wide collar made of durable nylon. It includes everything you’d look for in a well-built collar: solid metal buckles, rivets, and a D-ring for attaching a leash. It’s also made to withstand considerable force — ideal for large dogs that pull while walking.

Key Details:

  • Wide dog collar made with fray-proof durable nylon
  • Cushioned interior for extra comfort
  • Includes a velcro section to add patches or designs
  • Sturdy metal D-ring for attaching a leash
  • Suitable for dogs with neck sizes between 14.6 to 20.9


  • Made with a solid metal ring and rivets
  • Collar is adjustable in five different ways, and can grow with your dog
  • Available in three different colors: black, ranger green, and brown
  • Affordably priced


  • Only available for medium and large dogs

3. Homeknobs Reflective Dog Collar

colorful wide dog collar


Have an active dog that can tear through any collar? The Homeknobs Dog Collar is a wide collar option made of thick and fray-proof ballistic nylon with added reflective stitching. While it’s incredibly durable, comfort is kept in mind with a soft padded neoprene interior and mesh for breathability.

Key Details:

  • Wide dog collar made of ballistic nylon and a soft interior fabric for comfort
  • 2” collar width fitting neck sizes between 16-24
  • Made with a heavy duty D-ring and buckle
  • Available for both medium and large dogs


  • Affordably priced given the quality
  • Includes reflective threads for added safety at night
  • 5mm ballistic nylon is strong, thick, and fray-proof
  • Red and black camouflage exterior is a sharp look


  • Not available for small dogs

4. BlackJacks Handcrafted Large Leather Dog Collar

dark brown leather dog collar


Our premium pick of the list is the BlackJacks Leather Dog Collar. Each collar is individually handcrafted from top-grain leather, and made using heavy duty nickel-plated metal. If you have a particularly strong puller in the family, this is the option for you – it’s tested at 2,000 pounds per square inch of burst strength.

Key Details:

  • Individually handcrafted wide dog collar made from top-grain leather
  • Available in a 1.5” width
  • Suitable for dog neck sizes between 14-23


  • Made to wear over time for a classic leather look
  • Law enforcement & military grade strength
  • All connections and attachments are riveted for extra durability
  • Collars are tested at 2,000 pounds per square inch of pull strength


  • As this is handcrafted leather, some dye can rub off when new. This shouldn’t be problem once it’s worn in.
  • The priciest option on our list
  • Only suitable for medium to large dog breeds

5. CollarDirect Nylon Martingale Dog Collar

colorful martingale collar


The CollarDirect collar is a solid choice if you’re looking to add a pop of color to your dog’s style. It’s a martingale type, well suited for dog training or for dogs that easily slip out of their collars.

Key Details:

  • Available in three sizes, fitting necks between 12-24”
  • All sizes have a 1.5” collar width
  • Martingale type collar which gently tightens, ideal for dog training


  • Colorful, bright pattern options
  • Sizes available for both large and medium size dog breeds
  • Nylon construction means collar is lightweight and comfortable


  • No buckle or snap closure; the collar must be put on and taken off by sliding over the dog’s head

6. Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collar

pink rhinestone dog collar


For a dog that wants to make a fashion statement, check out the Beirui rhinestones collar. It’s 2” wide and is made from sturdy synthetic leather dotted with rows of rhinestones. There are four sizes available in five color offerings.

Key Details:

  • Wide dog collar at a width of 2”
  • Fits necks between 15-24”
  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Flashy rhinestones and bright colors are perfect for a fashion forward pet


  • Has a strong metal buckle with 5 adjustment holes for sizing
  • Rhinestones are each secured in alloy to prevent falling out
  • Sizes available for smaller dog breeds


  • This collar doesn’t hold up as well a real leather to the scratching and outdoor activities of an active dog

7. Diezel Dog Collar with Control Handle

diezel black dog collar


Made for handling and training large dogs, the Diezel dog collar has a quick-release buckle and control handle. The collar has a nylon exterior and soft black fabric interior for comfort, and a width of 2 inches. Also included is a velcro name plate that allows patches to be displayed during training or for identification purposes.

Key Details:

  • 2” wide dog collar
  • Steel buckle with quick release option
  • Built-in control handle
  • Made of durable nylon with reflective stitching


  • Grows with your dog; adjustable and can fit necks from 16-25”
  • Built-in control handle makes it ideal for training
  • Made in the USA


  • One of the higher priced collars on our list
  • The soft interior fabric has a tendency to collect a lot of dog hair

8. ThinkPet Heavy-Duty Dog Collar with Handle

red dog collar with handle


The ThinkPet Dog Collar is a heavy duty, breathable dog collar with a nice 2” width. While it’s made to withstand the pull of active dogs, this collar has a number of comfort features including integrated elastic and soft neoprene padding. It’s made with 1000D durable nylon, and includes an easy clip-on system.

Key Details:

  • Wide dog collar at a 2” width
  • Available in multiple sizes (S-XL), fitting necks 16.5” to 34”
  • Made with a neoprene padded control handle
  • Two different rings, front and back, for leash attachment
  • Reflective material for nighttime safety


  • Available in four colors: red, blue, green, and orange
  • Adjustable for an enhanced fit
  • Inner layer is extra breathable material
  • Made with integrated elastic for extra comfort
  • Affordably priced


  • Leash loops are relatively small
  • Sizes can run large; keep this in mind when ordering

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Wide Dog Collar Buying Guide

If you’ve always just picked up the first collar you’ve found at a pet store, you might be missing out on the added benefits of a wide dog collar. From neck protection to better training, there are a variety of reasons to consider a stronger, sturdier option for your pup. This guide will explore reasons to choose a wide collar, different types of collar options, and the proper sizing for your dog.

golden retriever wearing wide collar

Why Choose a Wide Collar?

A wide dog collar has a number of benefits beyond its look:

Neck protection: while playing with other dogs, a wide collar can keep a bite from damaging the sensitive skin around the neck.

Stability for strong pullers: a wide collar won’t dig as deep into your dog’s neck if they yank or pull on a leash. It also distributes friction onto a greater surface area.

Obedience & training: some wide collars offer a control handle to better manage large dogs.

Types of Dog Collars

In addition to style, did you know there are a number of different types of collars? Here’s a rundown of the most common kinds along with their pros and cons.

Flat Collar

A flat collar is what you picture when you think of a common dog collar. It normally features a metal buckle, plastic snap, or quick-release closure, making it easier to get the collar on and off. Flat collars also have rings to attach items such as identification tags or charms. Most wide collars will fall into this category.

  • Most basic dog collar
  • The majority of wide collars come in this type
  • Easily to find the style and colors you’re looking for
  • Ideal for dogs that are comfortable walking on a leash, aren’t strong pullers, and don’t easily slip out of their collars

Martingale Collar

Martingale collars, otherwise known as slip collars, are designed for dogs that are training or frequently slip out of their collars. These collars will tighten around a dog’s neck when tension is applied, but won’t choke the dog as long as they are sized properly. Dog trainers often recommend a martingale collar over standard or choke-chain collars when training.

  • Ideal for dogs that often slip out of their collars
  • A suitable option for breeds with smaller or narrower heads
  • Recommended by trainers as an alternative to choke collars for training
  • Don’t have a buckle closure; slips over a dog’s head


Harnesses are a popular alternative to flat collars, as they tend to keep pressure off of a dog’s neck when on a leash. Most options will easily slip or clip on, and include adjustable straps to fit around your dog’s body. Harnesses should be removed when your dog is indoors, as the underarm straps can cause skin irritation.

  • Keeps strain off a dog’s neck if they pull when walking
  • Ideal for strong pullers or larger dogs
  • Available with hooks in the front or back

brown dog wearing harness

Head Collar

Also known as a halter or gentle leader, head collars are similar to a horse’s bridle and offer the most control; especially for large dogs that still pull with a front-harness or wide collar. A common misconception is that these types of collars are muzzles. This isn’t the case, as dogs can still eat, drink, bark and bite while wearing them. Overall, a head collar provides the most control and require the least amount of work for the person walking their dog.

  • Similar to a horse’s bridle
  • Collar with an attachment that fits around the dog’s muzzle
  • Offers the greatest amount of control over dogs that pull on the leash

Aversive Collar

Aversive collars include choke chains, prong, pinch, or shock collars. These types of collars are used for training purposes or punishment and can cause your dog physical discomfort. We at PetListed actively discourage the use of these types of collars for ethical reasons.

A choke chain is made of metal links and will squeeze your dog’s neck when tightened. Shock collars are common training devices but are also used to stop barking or keep dogs inside electronic fencing. Should you decide that this type of collar is your only option, talk to an experienced trainer first to ensure your dog’s safety.

  • We do not recommend using this type of collar
  • Uses negative reinforcement to train dogs
  • Chain, prong, and pinch collars are normally made of metal
  • Speak with a trainer before choosing an aversive collar

Consider the Materials

Depending on the activity level, size, and fashion sense of your dog, there are a myriad of different materials to choose from when considering collars.

brown dog with wide collar


Nylon is the most common material for dog collars. It’s durable, lightweight, and comes in a number of color and pattern options. Nylon collars are typically inexpensive, but can begin to smell and fray over time depending on the quality of construction.


Often more expensive than nylon collars, leather is another durable option. Leather collars can be wiped clean and won’t hold smell as much as other fabrics. And when cared for properly, leather can last for an incredibly long time! If you’re in the market for leather, beware of collars made from synthetic leather or bonded leather. These less expensive options can easily come apart or wear over a short period of time.

PU Leather

PU leather (polyurethane leather) is a type of synthetic leather commonly used for dog collars. It’s inexpensive and often used in fashion dog collars that aren’t meant for daily wear and tear. The cheaper price does have a downside, however, as PU leather isn’t as durable as the real thing and can break down over time.


Neoprene is a soft, quick-drying rubber often used on the interior of dog collars. It’s actually the same material used inside human wetsuits! It’s durable, stretchy and waterproof, making it great for dogs that like to swim. While the softness can increase your dog’s comfort level, neoprene tends to be more expensive than nylon. It can also be more difficult to find a neoprene collar in the style you’re looking for.


Chains should only be used for training purposes and never left on a dog unattended. Although metal chains are very durable, they pose strangulation risks if not used properly.


Buckles on a collar are generally made of either metal or plastic.

Metal buckles offer the durability and strength to handle even large, strong dogs. If you have a dog that pulls hard on their leash, metal buckles and d-rings are your best bet, as they can withstand a strong tugging force. Pro tip: try to choose collars with a metal that won’t rust or tarnish when exposed to the elements.

Plastic buckles are convenient and easy to use, but can become brittle over time. While plastic might sound less appealing than metal, one benefit is that it can safely break when caught on an object. If you have an active dog that runs through the woods or around your backyard, plastic can save them from potentially being hurt if their collar gets snagged.

How to Choose the Right Collar Size

Making sure sizing is correct on your dog’s collar is crucial for their comfort and safety. Here’s a quick background on how to properly measure your pup:

Measure Your Dog’s Neck

Use a tape measure to calculate the circumference of your dog’s neck in the location where their collar would normally sit.

From there, it’s a matter of comfort. A good rule of thumb is to be able to fit one finger between your dog’s neck and collar for smaller breeds, two fingers for medium dogs, and three for large dogs.

If you have a puppy, you may be able to get a bigger size and use the smallest notch until they grow, but it’s best to refer to the manufacturer’s sizing charts.

Consider Any Size Fluctuations

Does your dog get a regular haircut? When taking a neck measurement, should consider any fluctuations in their fur length. A groomed neck can be skinnier, leaving their collar too loose. Or conversely, collars can start to become tight and uncomfortable with extra hair growth. Make sure to purchase an adjustable option to accommodate varying sizes if this applies to your dog.

Comfort is Key

The proper collar size ultimately comes down to what your dog feels most comfortable with. You know your dog better than anyone else, so pay close attention to their behavior after you give them a new collar. It’s also important to check on their sizing over time, as they may grow or change weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wide dog collars better than regular collars?

It depends on your dog. A wide dog collar can add protection, stability, and increased comfort to your dog’s neck. If your dog is a strong puller while on a leash, or roughhouses with other dogs, a wide collar can be useful in providing less strain on their neck area.

Do wide dog collars work for small breeds?

While wide collars have many benefits, most aren’t appropriate for small dogs given the heft of these collars. When in doubt, a standard 1 inch collar width is a good start.

What is the best fabric for collars?

As far as durability and availability, nylon will be the longest lasting and most readily available. Nylon collars are found in a variety of sizes, colors and styles at any pet supply store or online shop. Leather collars are common and very durable but styles can be limited depending on where you’re shopping.

What width is considered a wide dog collar?

The standard width for dog collars is around 1 inch. So anything over that could be considered wide, but normally 1.5 to 2 inches and up can be considered a wide dog collar.

How much do dog collars cost?

Costs could range from $7 to $40 depending on the type of collar, the size, material, and other factors.

Should my dog sleep with a collar on?

We recommend removing your dog’s collar at night to allow them extra room to breathe. However, the choice is ultimately up to you and what your dog feels most comfortable with. Some dog owners prefer to keep a collar with an ID tag on at all times in case their dog gets free.


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