About Us

We started PetListed as a group of pet owners who wanted a reliable source for pet advice and product reviews. To save others time, we created the site we were looking for, dedicated to providing thoroughly researched information on pets.

PetListed editors spend hours identifying the best items, through reading thousands of verified pet product reviews from other pet owners who have purchased them previously. We pair our product recommendations with comprehensive buying guides, full of educational content highlighting what to look for and watch out for when buying.

Our goal is to make your life easier, so you can get back to what’s important: spending time with your pet. After all, PetListed is built by pet owners for pet owners.

Our Research Process

As pet owners ourselves, we care deeply about the products we recommend. We first thoroughly research each topic to figure out the exact things to aim for and also watch out for. Then, with this knowledge, sift through hundreds of products to find only those that match these characteristics.

After creating this initial list of the best products, we then analyze thousands of verified reviews from other pet owners who have purchased and used them. What did the buyer like and not like? How did their pets react to them? The final result is a list of products that we think are the best on the market, and that we’d feel comfortable giving to our own pets.

Support and Disclaimer

While we strive to recommend the highest quality products and guides, each animal is different. Before making any changes to your pet’s diet or routine, you should always consult a professional veterinarian. For more information, please read our medical disclaimer.

PetListed also participates in various online affiliate programs, meaning that we may receive a commission for any purchases you may make through our website. Ultimately, this has no impact on you, as you will pay the exact same price as your normally would through that website.

Our Writers

Our team of contributors come from a wide range of backgrounds, including animal experts, trainers, professional writers, and researchers. However, they all have one common thread: they care deeply for their own pets. Here are a few of our writers:

Jessica Child

Jessica is an animal lover living in Colorado who cannot help but collect and learn more and more about animals. She has been caring for cats, dogs, and fish since she was a child. As an adult, she’s also handled amphibians, dinoflagellates, dogs, fish, insects, and reptiles. Her newest friend is a St. Bernard and Pyrenees mix who keeps her two Labs busy.

Elizabeth Wells

Elizabeth is a writer that’s passionate about animals. She currently has two dogs and a cat, but has also owned fish and a hedgehog in the past.

Shellie Sutera

Shellie is a writer from sunny Miami, Florida. When she’s not secretly smuggling her adorable dog Hercules into the local beaches for sun and surf, she’s a passionate writer that specializes in writing about dogs and all of their unique quirks. She spends her free time cooking Italian food, raft boating, volunteering and traveling to dog-friendly destinations.

Jessica Bennett

Jessica is a bestselling author of the book Connect with Animals and an entrepreneur. She has a BA of English from Colorado State University and 20+ years of experience with animals. She’s a shelter and animal sanctuary volunteer, and grew up training animals on a hobby farm